Orgasma Plasma News

November 2021

After some complications and postponements, the time has finally come. The „Monsters of Porn Vol 1“ split CD has been released via Global Spermageddon Productions. We are also working on our second full length album. The first songs are ready and we hope to present you our second album in spring 2022. It will be primitive and brutal again. 

Our debut album was received amazingly well. That’s why we are really excited about how the new album will be received by you.

August 2020

Our website is now finally online. If you like our music share it everywhere. Having your own website is very important at this time. All the censorship on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and others is totally unpredictable.

We have been spared until now. But to be prepared is always the best. Regardless of the social media, here you always have the latest news from us. Because we are very lazy pigs not much will happen. But still this is the best place to be informed.

We also recorded some great new songs for a split that will be released through Global Spermageddon Productions. Also included will be WHC, Vaginal Cadaver, Anal Fistfuckers and Clunge Gunge.

May 2020

Our debut album is sold out. It has been released in a limited special edition by Global Spermageddon Productions. Our CD has been released in an elegant cardboard sleeve. Whether a second edition will be released is not yet clear. We always want to make our noise in physical form something special.

We are passionate collectors ourselves, so we will probably only ever release limited special editions. Not to mention that nobody wants to hear our noise anyway.

Digital our album is still available. You can listen to and download our album Chimbatraficante here..

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