Monsters of Porn Vol 1 (Split)

We really enjoyed the recordings for this split. We are the only band on this split that hasn’t been banned by bandcamp yet, but we still stand behind the message of the split. Fuck the monkeys from bandcamp, youtube, facebook and what they are all called.

Porngrind is war and you are always welcome to suck our dicks. Of course only if you are female and human. We as a noisecore band support 100% the fight against the Porngrind persecution.

You are all faggots – you are all ugly – you are all politically correct and you all have only one testicle.

Coma mierda!

We have spoken.

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  1. World Hate Center – Dolls Of War
  2. World Hate Center – The Balls Of Cliff Banger
  3. Anal Fistfuckers – Spermaablage
  4. Anal Fistfuckers – Wer aussieht wie eine Nutte, kann auch rumlaufen wie eine Nutte
  5. Anal Fistfuckers – Hausmeisterschwänze sind Männerschwänze
  6. Anal Fistfuckers – Spermaschluckendes Ungeheuer
  7. Orgasma Plasma – We’ll Fight With Everything We Have
  8. Orgasma Plasma – The Purpose Of War Is Peace
  9. Orgasma Plasma – This, Then, Is War
  10. Vaginal Cadaver – Die Würde des Mannes ist unten tastbar
  11. Vaginal Cadaver – Eine Frau macht die Beine breit, wenn’s Geld und Immobilien schneit
  12. Vaginal Cadaver – Motherfucker Is My Job Title
  13. Vaginal Cadaver – Das Schlimmste ist, wenn die Fotze wieder trocken ist
  14. Vaginal Cadaver – In Porn We Trust
  15. Porno Fart – Captain censorship
  16. Porno Fart – El polvo de la muerte
  17. Clunge Gunge – 2 Songs About Gastric Distress
  18. Clunge Gunge – Tinfoil Twat
  19. Clunge Gunge – 4 Songs About Urinary Infections
  20. Clunge Gunge – Horrifying Clown Interruption

Sick Musik To Your Guts Compilation Vol. 4

In the fourth part of this grind compilation we are involved. The Sick Musik to your Guts guys started this great project and do a great job for the underground. The CD is free to download and contains 110 songs from 110 bands. The full program noise and chaos.

We have written a killer track that will surely bring you a big erection.

Fuck Satan, fuck political correctness and fuck ugly waitresses at the burger restaurant!

Freedom for all lesbian women who want to receive our seed.

We have spoken.

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